The purchasing of materials and sub-contracts accounts for a large portion of Elajo's costs and is therefore an important part of the operations. Elajo today has a centralised purchasing department that negotiates and concludes agreements within the company's lines of business. 

We are continuously improving our work methods for purchasing and will be focusing on a quality standard range at the lowest possible costs.

Being one of our suppliers

The installation and maintenance services that Elajo provides are designed to meet the requirements both of our customers and society. We place the same requirements on our business partners as we do on ourselves when it comes to issues such as safety, environmental impact, quality and business ethics.
Elajo’s collaborations and relationships with our suppliers is characterised by Elajo's business concept.
Elajo strives to be the market’s most attractive business partner in electricity, energy and technical solutions by supplying products and services that add value for the customer.

Are you interested in being one of our suppliers?

If you are interested in becoming one of Elajo's suppliers you can read the Elajo’s General Conditions of Delivery here