Elajo’s founder, Alf Josefsson, was born in Finsjö in Småland, southern Sweden, on 11 July 1930. At the age of 16 Alf became an apprentice electrician and a few years later moved to Kalmar to work as an electrical fitter.

In 1958 Alf went into partnership with Nisse Andersson to form Oskarshamns Elektriska AB, each investing SEK 5,000. The company’s first job was installations at the new Valhallaskolan secondary grammar school in Oskarshamn.

The business took off, with turnover of SEK 15,853 and three employees in the first year. The order book grew steadily, and by 1962 turnover had increased to SEK 624,000. Alf gradually bought out his colleague and formed the investment company Investmentbolaget Elajo – Erik Lennart Alf Josefsson in Oskarshamn. 

Alf - Elajos grundare

Over time the company continued to grow by means of acquisitions and new start-ups in several locations across Sweden. New services were added to the range and existing ones expanded. In the period 1958–1995 Elajo experienced development on a phenomenal scale. Many new and exciting markets were investigated and new business directions trialled. The company grew, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience from both successful and less successful ventures.

After 37 years, in 1998 Alf Josefsson stepped down from his combined role as electrician, CEO and President of Elajo. His philosophies live on, and in the first decade of the new century the Group acquired a large number of new companies and carried out major projects for customers such as IKEA, the forestry cooperative Södra and the Oskarshamnsverken nuclear power plants. Elajo celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2008 and is today one of Sweden’s largest electricity, mechanical engineering and energy companies.