Quality, Environment and Occupational Health & Safety

At Elajo we work actively to quality assure and improve our business activities, reduce our own and our customers’ environmental impact and ensure the safest possible working environment for our employees.

This involves process-focused work with quality and environmental management to continuously minimise health & safety risks and work preventively for satisfied and healthy employees.


We have an integrated group-wide business system that ensures we are working in compliance with current legislation, standards and our own objectives. Great emphasis is placed on skills development to keep us updated on the latest requirements and the most recent technology within our areas of expertise. Customer focus is also something we value highly and we base our relationship with our customers on sound business sense, professionalism and proactiveness.

Elajo’s overall quality management policy means that products and services should equal or exceed our customers’ expectations. We should have a reputation for high quality, good service, a businesslike and positive attitude, as well as an ability to work closely with our customers to develop flexible solutions. The Elajo Group holds ISO 9001:2008 quality certification.


We are well aware of the outside world’s need for environment-related products and are continuously developing our products on the basis of our customers’ needs. Our aim is to run the company in an environmentally responsible way and prevent the spread of pollutants. We want to reduce our environmental impact as far as is financially and technologically feasible.

We work actively to help and guide our customers on choice of materials and improving energy efficiency. Elajo holds ISO 14001:2004 environmental certification.

We meet our environmental requirements by:

  • Constantly striving to improve and streamline our business activities in accordance with our environmental goals.
  • Planning our business activities to ensure optimal transportation deployment, increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact. We make sure to monitor the fuel consumption of our vehicles and reduce emissions of hazardous substances.
  • We use environmentally adapted and recyclable materials with the natural cycle in mind. Consideration for the environment is an integral part of all our decisions designed to lead to a reduction in the use of energy, fossil fuels, materials and primary products. We use materials and energy in an efficient way to supply our products and services.
  • We give employees ongoing environmental training and information. We make sure all employees are completely familiar with and committed to Elajo’s environmental work.
  • We comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations, as well as other environmental requirements affecting our sector.

Occupational Health & Safety

At Elajo we strive to develop our occupational health & safety and our aim is to completely eliminate workplace accidents. By making continuous improvements to the way we work and our procedures, the risks of illness and accidents are kept as slight as possible. The goal is a safe workplace that meets statutory and regulatory requirements.

We achieve this by:

  • Stipulating that the Elajo leadership is clear, impartial and consistent, and creating trust and security through well-functioning delegation of health & safety tasks.
  • Training and informing all employees about taking responsibility and looking out for any health & safety risks and threats.
  • Promoting good health & safety that involves and motivates staff, and creates job satisfaction and efficiency.

Elajo holds ISO 18001:2007 occupational health & safety certification.


In addition to these general certifications, we meet the market's stringent demands through the following specific certifications in welding, fire alarm and burglar alarm systems, refrigeration/air conditioning and pressurisation:

  • Welding: ISO 3834-2:2005
  • Burglar alarm systems: SSF 1015
  • Fire alarm systems: SBF 1008:2
  • Refrigeration/air conditioning: Category 1 according to EU Regulation 303/2008
  • Pressurisation: ISO 17020 and AFS 2006:8 accreditation
  • Nuclear power work: Sellihca certified