Process ventilation welding extraction Press Kogyo AB


During autumn 2012 and spring 2013 Elajo undertook a large installation at Press Kogyo, Oskarshamn, in the form of process ventilation for robotic welding. The work included energy audits, project design and installation. Elajo have previously provided services at Press Kogyo, and now this will also be included in the new facility. Because the project was a success, it has led to more conversions at Press Kogyo with similar solutions, as well as more customers such as Elajo Mechanics AB.

Facts about the project

Scope: Design and execution in ventilation, control, forging and building

Quantity: 4 pcs. welding hoods for robotic welding and 1 cover for longitudinal welding

Press Kogyo is capable nowadays to meet the demands of the Swedish Work Environment Authority thanks due to this project 


Contact Elajo:

Andreas Sköld

Tel. 076-115 84 56