Qualified manufacturing

Our production units include sheet-metal workers, welders and fitters with many years of experience, who are used to reading drafts and solving problems.

We manufacture everything from small individual pipe and steel components to complex systems, primarily for the energy sector. Examples include ready-to-use sheaths for water purification plants and large aluminium sound-damping and filtration systems for gas turbines. We manufacture complete cabinet constructions and work with all types of steel materials, with particular expertise in stainless and aluminium. Manufacture involving stainless steel takes place in a separate workshop to minimise the risk of contamination with carbon steel particles in weld joints and on other surfaces.

Starting from the customer’s idea or requirement, we produce everything from design to finished product. Whether it involves building machinery, stainless products, carbon steel products or qualified welding in stainless and other high-alloy materials, we have solutions to meet most requirements. We are delivering an ever-increasing number of turnkey solutions, where we are responsible for everything from start to finished product, including design and project management.


The production units are modern and have customised machinery with a large number of shears, lathes, cutters, edge-bending machines, presses and auxiliary equipment, as well as lifting capacity of 16 tons. The range of machinery is comprehensive and provides high capacity, enabling us to produce high-quality stainless products cost effectively.