Welding is a trade that requires knowledge and skill

Welding often has to fulfil specific quality requirements, for example in the case of pressure-bearing devices, or within nuclear power, structural work, shipyards and offshore installations.

Our 160 welders hold a total of 400 licences, enabling us to carry out welding services in many different areas. We use a full range of welding equipment and weld in all familiar materials such as plastics, aluminium, carbon steel and other high-alloy, stainless materials such as Incoloy, SMO, MA253, duplex and titanium. We also carry out automatic welding in linings and are specialists in orbital welding of pipes. Engaging Elajo provides you with a qualified welding partner with knowledgeable and well-trained staff. We fulfil the quality requirements under ISO 3834, have drawn up 450 welding procedure specifications (WPS) and have around 160 different welding procedure qualification records (WPQR) at our disposal.